Lecture Notes

In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it.

Joseph L. Badaracco (*1948, professor of Business ethics at Harvard Business School)


Since my first year at UofT, I’ve been typesetting lecture notes for core courses (mainly econ and math courses) to keep things organized. Hopefully, these materials are helpful. Contents covered in each course vary often, please refer to your syllabus as well while preparing for exams. Please email me at tianyu.du@mail.utoronto.ca if you found typos in my notes.

WINTER 2020 (yr4)

CSC412: Probabilistic Learning and Reasoning Download
ECO421: Economics of Information Download Download
ECO426: Market Design Download
STA447: Stochastic Processes Download

FALL 2019 (yr4)

MAT337: Introduction to Real Analysis Download
APM462: Nonlinear Optimization Download
STA347: Probability Download

SUMMER 2019 (yr4)

MAT395: Independent Reading in Mathematics
(Topics in Mathematical Economics) Download

WINTER 2019 (yr3)

ECO326: Advanced Microeconomics: Game Theory Download
ECO374: Forecasting and Time Series Econometrics Download
MAT237: Multivariable Calculus (Year Long Course) Download
MAT344: Introduction to Combinatorics Download

FALL 2018 (yr3)

ECO325: Advanced Economic Theory – Macro Download
ECO374: Applied Econometrics I Download
MAT246: Concepts in Abstract Mathematics Download

SUMMER 2018 (yr2)

ECO206: Microeconomic Theory Download
ECO208: Macroeconomic Theory Download
ECO220: Quantitative Methods in Economics Download

WINTER 2018 (yr1)

MAT137: Calculus (Year Long Course) Download
MAT224: Linear Algebra II Download

FALL 2017 (yr1)

MAT223: Linear Algebra I Download
PSY100: Introduction to Psychology Download

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